The Turkish Student Association is a student organization at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has been founded primarily for the purposes of cultural exchange, organization of on-campus activities aimed at celebrating diversity, and provision of assistance to new incoming Turkish students.

Our objectives are to provide a platform that familiarizes others of Turkey as a country and creates awareness of the Turkish culture. It is also our aim to provide a point of contact for all those who express an interest in Turkey. In order to accomplish our objectives, it is our plan to organize on-campus activities and participate in others. Some of the events that are intended are presentations showing pictures and highlighting various people’s experiences in different regions of Turkey, organization of culturally related seminars for the exchange of ideas, showing award-winning Turkish movies, and participation in international festivals. These activities will help us to share our ideas and interests and provide an opportunity to interact with other individuals and student organizations.

Awareness of the Turkish Student Association will be achieved through a Facebook page, email listserv, and bi-weekly Monday meetings. Click here to learn more.